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POLYPLASTIC group is the largest producer of polymer piping systems for external water supply and water disposal systems in Russia. The Group comprises 12 leading companies in the pipe polymer industry located in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan with a total capacity of about 300,000 tons of output per year, 15 trading houses and two research and development centers. The group extensively develops by absorbing new innovative products and expanding its geographical footprint.


The Ukrainian business unit of the group is represented by the trading house Eurotrubplast, which leads Rubezhnoye and Kalush Pipe Plant. The company started to work in 2004 and provided domestic consumer with the pipe product of the POLYPLASTIC Group. In 2005 the Rubezhnoye pipe plant was commissioned, and POLYPLASTIC-UKRAINE Group became the leader of the Ukrainian polymer pipe market.


The Swiss concern Georg Fischer is an acknowledged leader in the development and production of a wide range of pipes and components for the safe transport of liquids and gases. Founded in 1802, the corporation comprised a small manufacture producing alloys. Today it turned into a well-known industrial concern. At the end of the XIX century the company started to produce cast-iron fittings and gave a grounding for today's GF Piping Systems.

BELPOLYPLASTIC is an authorized dealer of Georg Fischer company in the Republic of Belarus.

The Georg Fischer Group sells products in the Republic of Belarus:


The group of companies TALIS unites 10 brands, 13 factories and more than 20 offices in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia, Poland and Israel and is a major supplier of pipeline fittings.

BELPOLYPLASTIC is the official dealer of the Talis group of companies in  the Republic of Belarus.


Belgicast is a Spanish producer of a wide range of gate valves and gates ranging in diameter from 20 to 2000 mm. The enterprise was founded in 1957 and produced valves for shipbuilding. In 1880s it was reoriented to the municipal production sector.


Erhard is one of the world's leading producers of water valves with more than 140 years of experience. The company was founded in 1871 in Heidenhem (Germany) and produced brass taps. Today ERHARD supplies valves for all sectors of the water supply industry in all size ranges and elaborates unique products for large-scale constructions.

    Products of TALIS group of companies:


Blucast is a Lithuanian producer and supplier of pipeline fittings. Thanks to professional team with extensive experience in this field Blucast creates high quality products which are in demand both in the domestic and foreign markets.

BELPOLYPLASTIC is an official dealer of Blucast in  the Republic of Belarus.

Blucast sell products in the Republic of Belarus: