Comelektro LLC

.. say thanks to BELPOLYPLASTIC for the undertaken obligations to supply PE pipes to the site “Reconstruction of the fire emergency station No. 1 and the construction of the administrative and amenity building of the district department of emergency situations in Gorodok."

BELPOLYPLASTIC team is reliable, professional and highly qualified.

We express our readiness for further cooperation and we will recommend BELPOLYPLASTIC to all parties concerned..

UE Brestvodstroy

…for a long period of time we have been working closely with BELPOLYPLASTIC concerning the delivery of materials to the projects under construction.

During 2013 we purchased polyethylene pressure pipes with diameters from 90 to 630 mm; sewage pipes CORSYS, including those with diameters of 700 mm and 1000 mm; shaped products of polymeric materials.

In addition, our branches has purchased equipment for welding polyethylene pipes and it is operated till present.

Over the years of cooperation, we have noted this enterprise to be a reliable and conscientious partner, which delivers high-quality products at competitive prices.

JSC Brestspetsmontazhstroy-249

..uses pipes supplied by BELPOLYPLASTIC and produced by Beltrubplast Kokhanovsky Pipe Plantand JSC "Klimovsky Pipe Plant" for the construction of water supply and sewage systems.

The staff of the enterprise are scrupulous about the performance of contractual obligations, provide advisory services and conduct training of welding PE pipes for specialists.

Municipal Unitary Utility Production Enterprise “Grodnovodokanal”

…during the period of 2013-2014 more than 1 km of pipes CORSYS PLUS DN / ID 1200 PR SN6 and SN8 were delivered

..highly appreciate the opportunity of your specialists to conduct training for our employees directly at the construction sites.

JSC Road-Building Trust No.5

…For many years it has been using the products supplied by BELPOLYPLASTIC (PE pipes, CORSYS and adapter fittings) for the construction of road building facilities.

JSC " Road-Building Trust No. 5" plans to strengthen partnership relations applicable to supplying the company's goods to the trust sites.


Congratulations to the Unitary Enterprise "STS- BELPOLYPLASTIC " on its anniversary!

Step by step you came into your own. There were falls but you managed to rise, which is your strong point. The key to your success is a friendly team, an experienced leader and a common goal that you are engaged in.

We wish you a vigorous growth , huge income and warm atmosphere between your employees. We hope you’ll become stronger, more experienced and more confident from year to year.

Sincerely, the staff members of DASH LLC

Private building unitary enterprise Kvetki yablyni invest

.. has cooperated with BELPOLYPLASTIC since 2013 on the project “Construction of a tourist complex "Kvetki Yablyni” near the village Ludvinovo, Vileika district.

The usage of PE wells during the construction resulted in savings of money because of the simplicity of installation without machines and mechanisms and consequently the reduction of construction term.

We would like to express our gratitude to the employees of the company BELPOLYPLASTIC for constructive cooperation, efficiency in work and responsibility for the obligations undertaken. We express our gratitude and look forward to further cooperation.


.. has cooperated with BELPOLYPLASTIC - the supplier of polyethylene gas pipes PE 80, PE 100 and Georg Fischer electro-welded fittings for the construction of gas pipelines - since 2010 to date.

During this period more than 198,507 m. of pipes with a diameter of 20 to 315 mm were delivered to our company. The product of high quality meets all the requirements of the regulatory documents applied in the Republic of Belarus and has a complete package of authorization documentation (certificates of conformity, declarations, permits of the State Industrial Supervision Service).

SU-72 JSC Trust No.15 Spetsstroy

.. has worked with BELPOLYPLASTIC for a long time. A wide range of products made it possible to design and produce virtually any pipeline scheme for potable water supply.

Fulfillment of treaty obligations, timely shipment, clear registration of accounts and records, provision of extended documentation for products, flexible approach to solving tasks and friendly attitude of employees of your company are the basis for our further cooperation for many years.


.. has cooperated with BELPOLYPLASTIC in the context of supplying pressure PE pipes and fittings since 2010.

During the period of cooperation the company's products were delivered to the construction sites in the Kamennaya Gorka-1,3,5, Masyukovschina -3,6, Loshitsa-9 microdistricts. The products were always delivered on time, there were no questions on their quality.


Based on long experience in usage of PVC pipes during the installation of external supply lines of non-pressure sewage, we express our gratitude to BELPOLYPLASTIC for the high quality product supplied.

..We use PVC pipes (SN8 and SN4) with diameter of 110 to 315 mm and adapter fittings for them. Summarizing the results of the work, we note that this product fully meets the requirements for non-pressure supply lines.

Teplogazsantehmontazh JLLC

A wide range of products allows to produce virtually any scheme of pipelines for drinking water supply and gas supply, as well as sewerage.

For the entire range of products supplied there is a set of licensing documents, incl. permission of the State Industrial Supervision Service and State registration certificate (hygiene) "

Using the products of BELPOLYPLASTIC, it was built:
more than 150 km of gas pipelines;
more than 20 km of water pipelines;
more than 15 km of sewage.