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Demand for polyethylene pipes increases every year.

Polyethylene will replace cast iron and steel when laying pipelines, in sewage and water supply systems. Light weight, easy installation, durability and low prices make it more popular.

BELPOLYPLASTIC offers polyethylene pipes as well as fittings and stop valves in Minsk and other cities of Belarus..

Spheres of usage of polyethylene pipes

  • Transportation of household and potable water through pipelines;
  • In gas supply systems, including for combustion gases;
  • Pipelines for sewage and water disposal;
  • In drainage systems and for wastewater disposal;
  • For water filling and drainage in swimming pools;
  • For soil humidification in land reclamation systems;
  • As a protective case when laying fiber-optic or electric cables.

Practically all modern water supply and gas lines, sewage and drainage systems are installed from light, non-corroded polyethylene pipes. Their advantages are evident.

Technical characteristics and advantages

  • Polyethylene pipe has a long service life with a manufacturer's warranty of 50 years.

Steel pipes have a service life of only 10 to 15 years (if electrocorrosion is absent). Only high-strength cast iron with the addition of graphite excels polyethylene in terms of service, but it is much heavier and more expensive. Cast iron also needs to be protected from corrosion. Pipes, even from high-strength cast iron, become unreliable in saline soils. Cast iron pipeline can not be laid in moving soils and seismically unstable areas.

  • Due to chemical resistance, polyethylene pipes can be used in any aggressive environment. They are not susceptible to corrosion, healing and electrochemical processes.
  • Plastic is a dielectric. Pipelines are not affected by ground currents. Pipes from plastic are used as cases for an electric cable, optical communication cables, telecommunication cables.
  • High impact resistance and elasticity. The pipe does not collapse, even when the liquid freezes happen an expansion and the narrowing to the previous size takes place after the thawing of the liquid.
  • Smooth walls. Due to the lack of roughness resistance to flow is minimal. Therefore, the capacity is higher than in pipelines from any other material.
  • Resistant to biological effects. They are not eroded by mould and not destroyed by bacteria.
  • High tightness of joints. The reliability is higher than that of cast iron joints. There is a possibility of carrying out repeated dismantling.
  • The liquid flow creates a low noise level if to compare with a metal water pipe.
  • Due to the low weight, it is easier to transport pipe and to install them. The products are packed in coils. This not only facilitates transportation, but also reduces number of joints.
  • The price of polyethylene pipes is much lower than that of cast iron or steel pipes. Butt welding also provides savings in time and money during installation.

From the ecological point of view, a polyethylene pipe is preferable.

  • Firstly, harmful impurities do not enter the water from the inner layer.
  • Secondly, it is an excellent protection against bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Thirdly, these products can be sent for recycling.
  • Belpolyplastic also produces and sells fittings for polyethylene pipes.

All products correspond to the technical conditions accepted in Belarus GOSTs.

With us you can buy not only polyethylene pipes, but also the welding equipment necessary for working with them. The company BELPOLYPLASTIC also rents out equipment for the installation of polyethylene pipes.

Methods of installation.

There are several ways of installing polyethylene pipes. They can be joined by butt welding or by means of compression or electro-welded fittings. Welding is the most common method of installation for pipelines with a diameter of 160 mm or more. Such installation possesses high strength and is recommended for pipelines operating under pressure. The use of welding machines simplifies and automates the welding process. We offer high-tech devices Georg Fischer, the use of which will ensure complete tightness of welded joints. In pressure pipelines of small diameters (from 20 mm to 110 mm) it is recommended to use compression fittings.

Thanks to such adjustment of the pipeline, it is very easy to rebuild and modify. The process of mounting with fittings is very quick (even using a conventional blooming key).

Flange connections must be used while installing isolation valves. Strict observance of assembly technique will prevent accidents.

In non-pressure pipelines systems, for connection of pipes of all diameters, the CORSYS and PVC sockets are used.

If you want to buy polyethylene pipes, components or equipment, please call our multi-channel phone 8 (017) 215-52-52. Feel free to call, managers of the company will kindly accept your order.

There are storage facilities for the sake of convenience of regional clients from Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno, Gomel and Mogilev. Detailed information about our warehouses is available on the page "Storage facilities".