PE adapter fittings

BELPOLYPLASTIC produces and sells a wide range of connecting elements for pressure and non-pressure PE pipelines.

Pipes and fittings manufactured in our own production are subject to strong quality control and are manufactured in accordance with the technical conditions and standards of the Republic of Belarus.

There are the following types of connecting parts:

Cast fittings

Cast fittings have the following features:

  • the part has smoothly rounded planes of variation of  flow direction, which contributes to an equilibrium distribution of pressure in the wall;
  • in places where the flow direction is changed the wall thickens, damping the pressure;
  • over the entire mass of the cast element, the characteristics of the polyethylene are distributed evenly.

Welded fittings

According to the type of production welded fittings can also be distinguished, which include tees, increasers, elongated adapter couplings, elbows.

They are made from segments cut from high-strength polyethylene pipes.

For the manufacture of segmented fittings we use Georg Fischer high-tech welded equipment.

Range of welded fittings:

  • elbows 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 degrees;
  • flange elbow 45 ° and 90 ° degrees;
  • welded tee;
  • welded flanged transition tee;
  • elongated piping joint;
  • reduction valve (reducing pipe);
  • fixed welded pipe support.

Flanged fittings

Flanged fittings are made of ready-made connecting pieces with a cast flanged sleeve.

Flanged fittings can be cast or segmented. They are pre-equipped with steel flanges for polyethylene pipes.

Such elements are useful when installing cast-iron fittings on a polyethylene pipeline.

Manner of installation