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PE / PVC fittings and components

To seal the segments in the pipeline, it is necessary to buy fittings, which increase the reliability of the pipeline, simplify its operation. The site of the company BELPOLYPLASTIC presents a wide range of accessories for the installation of polyethylene pipes at producers’ prices. All products are certified according to the standards of the Republic of Belarus.

Our line of goods

Electrofusion fittings


Электросварные фитинги.

BELPOLYPLASTIC is designated representative of the manufacturer of Georg Fischer fittings inside the Republic of Belarus.

Connecting elements of this type are produced from low-pressure polyethylene. The fittings have a heating element with high resistance and two terminals to which the welding machine is connected. Fixation occurs due to the melting of plastic when passing current through the conductor. During cooling, the fitting is firmly fixed on the pipe, forming a pressure-tight joint.

Compression fittings


Компрессионные фитинги.

This group includes the connecting elements, which ensure the interface integrity of the pipeline by crimping O- ring. Before installation, it is not necessary to apply a thread, it is sufficient just to clean the ends of the pipes. A horn-type wrench and calibrator are required for a tight connection. Even an amateur will cope with this work. The main task is to mount the elements without damaging them, and therefore it is necessary to control the force of the latch.

PE adapter fittings


Фасонные части из полиэтилена.

The catalog of polyethylene fittings contains information of elements for non-pressure systems and pipe mains operating under pressure. They are necessary for more qualitative, hermetic installation of engineering lines in the places of turns, branches, tie-in of valves and piping. The use of adapter fittings simplifies and speeds up the work, reduces the amount of waste during the laying of pipelines. No special knowledge or sophisticated tools are required for fastening parts.

PVC adapter fittings


Фасонные части из ПВХ.

Connecting elements are used for installation of all types of sewage systems from PVC pipes. The plastic of this type is resistant to detergents, alcohol, weakly acidic and slightly alkaline substances, sulphates, corrosive gases and other impurities that may be contained in waste water. Fittings made of PVC are often used in non-pressure systems. Approximate service life of connections is up to 50 years and elements do not require any servicing.