Compression fittings

Compression fittings are a group of connecting parts for pipes made of low pressure polyethylene. Compression fittings for PE pipes provide sufficient connection reliability and fast installation speed, independent of workmanship. They can be used to connect pipelines from various materials laid on the ground or underground, and for various purposes: cold water supply, including potable water pipes, sprinkling and spraying systems.

The main types of compression fittings

BELPOLYPLASTIC offers to buy compression fittings for the following types of pipes:

  • Tees;
  • Couplings;
  • Elbows;
  • Plugs;
  • Saddles;
  • Flange connections;
  • Metal key.


Компрессионный тройник.Tees are compression PE fittings used for the installation of branches from main systems. They can have internal and external thread.





Компрессионные муфты.Couplings are used to connect pipes of the same diameter. BELPOLYPLASTIC sells compression diminishing coupling with external and internal thread.





Компрессионный отвод.Elbows are meant for reliable pipelines turns serving for potable and technical water supply, irrigation systems, pressure sewage and for the construction of water disposal systems.





Компрессионная заглушка.Plugs allow to dismantle a part of the pipeline without breaking the tightness in the places where the pipes are removed.





СеделкаSaddles are used for the installation of branches from the main pipe in polyethylene systems that transport water. Saddle tees allows the construction of various types of plugs or increasers to a secondary plug. They are used in irrigation systems, in drinking water supply systems, where there is no high pressure of transported liquids.



Flange connections

Фланцевое соединение.Flange connections are parts which allows simply and cheaply connect polyethylene pipelines to pipelines of other materials or to connect cast iron and steel pipeline fittings to PE pipelines. Metal flange allows to prevent tugging and splitting of plastic elements, which excludes possible leakage of multiple joints.



Metal key

Металлический ключOur company offers to buy not only compression fittings, but also a metal key necessary for their installation.