PVC adapter fittings

Fittings for PVC sewage are widely used in non-pressure sewage systems, in industrial, agricultural, and domestic pipelines. Elements provide a hermetic connection of pipe segments in the places of turns, branches, allow you to quickly mount a line of any complexity.


Types of PVC fittings


Тройник из ПВХ.

Tee is used when it is necessary to make a delivery point or tie-in in the main line. It ensures the tightness of the connection, allows you to mount the branch at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. For maximum reliability of the joints in flare ends, rubber sealing rings are provided.


Отвод из ПВХ.

Bends are designed for hermetic installation of the main line at the turning points and changing the direction of movement without deformation of the pipe segments. Even a slight bending of the straight pipe leads to the formation of voltage concentrators, increases the risk of cracking, the appearance of leaks. Bends help to avoid such troubles.

Joining and sleeve couplings

Соединительные муфты из ПВХ.

PVC joining coupling is designed for connecting PVC pipes when new pipe sections are used for pipe construction without flare ends. Talking about its design this fitting has an internal thrust shoulder, which allows two smooth pipe segments to be installed at the same depth.

Eccentric reducing pipe

Эксцентрический переход.

The eccentric reducing pipe is used to connect two pipe segments with different diameters. Elements are an important part of a non-pressure sewage system, allowing the transition to be carried out in sections where the positions of the central axes of the joining ends do not coincide.

Cleanout pipes

Ревизии из ПВХ.

Cleanout pipe is mounted on the pipeline section for periodic testing of its operability. Through this pipe the sewage is cleaned when blockages are formed. Elements are cut with a certain interval, the distance between them depends on the features of the working environment. For a quick access to the inner surface of the pipeline, a wide hole with a tightly screwed cover is made in the cleanout pipe. Hermetically-sealed installation is provided with rubber rings.

Check valve

Обратный клапан.

A flap or check valve is an important element of any sewage system. It does not allow the rising of drains to the surface of the earth and overflow of liquid over the edge of the well in case of pipeline clogging. Check valves are installed in the basement, which helps to protect them from flooding.


Заглушки из ПВХ.

The product is necessary for the blind closing of the holes of the pipeline in the places of breakage or the end of the sewage channel. With proper installation, the plug maintains slight pressure drops in the system. Products are made of the same material as the pipes and exhibit high chemical stability.