High-tech corrugated pipes CORSYS represent a new generation of pipes, radically different from traditional smooth plastic pipes.

Полиэтиленовые трубы. Полиэтиленовые трубы от производителя.

We provide the customer with fully stocked systems which include everything necessary for installation: coupling fittings, plastic wells, isolation valves.

Double-wall corrugated sewer pipes CORSYS

The innovative geometric shape of the corrugated double-wall pipe provides increased resistance to deformation. A high class of ring stiffness allows you to lay CORSYS products at different depths.

We have developed a special calculation program for the correct selection of the pipeline, taking into account engineering-geological features and load impact.

Double-wall corrugated sewer pipes CORSYS PRO

Канализационные трубы КОРСИС PRO.

CORSYS PRO are designed for discharge of industrial waters with a temperature up to 65 ° C. The pipes can withstand temperature up to 120 ° C for a short time. They are also used for the construction and reconstruction of underground sewerage networks, non-pressure domestic, industrial and rain systems.

Polyethylene pipes CORSYS Plus

The main purpose of CORSYS Plus is realization of reconstructive and construction works on the following objects:

  • sewage and storm systems;
  • industrial systems of mines, wells, pipe manifolds, storage tanks.
Канализационные трубы КОРСИС ПЛЮС.

Spiral multilayered pipes CORSYS SVT.

Pipes CORSYS SVT are used for the manufacturing of tanks and wells. They are made of polyethylene with the help of planar helix winding. At the same time, the contiguous turns are welded by a melt.

We produce 4 types of pipelines:

  • without additional layers;
  • with an internal coextrusion layer;
  • with an outer layer;
  • with coextruded inner and outer layers.
Спиральновитые многослойные трубы. Спиральновитые многослойные трубы КОРСИС.