Disposal facilities

One of the relevant objectives for preservation of the environment is the cleaning of contaminated surface water run-offs. Rainwater is formed in the process of falling rain, melting snow as well as watering of streets. A distinctive feature of rainwater run-off is its irregularity and unevenness in the consumption and concentration of contaminants.

Локальные очистные сооружения.
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To date BELPOLYPLASTIC offers the following equipment of its own production, manufactured in accordance with TU BY 390353931.023 - 2014:

BelECOline RP flow distribution wells









BelECOline OP sampling wells

kolodci otbora









BelECOline P sand separator


BelECOline B oil separators


BelECOline K / KTM combined sand and oil separators

kombinirovannie benzomaslootdeliteli

kombinirovannie benzomaslootdeliteli2

BelECOline J grease separators


Комплесные очистные сооружения.