BelECOline sand separator

Песколовка BelECOLine.

BelECOline sand separator is an underground construction, intended for removal of sand and other particulate pollutants of mineral origin from storm water of various categories (domestic, production and rainy). Sand separators relate to construction of mechanical treatment, to one of the least expensive ways. Removal of undissolved mineral impurities from storm water allows preparing storm water for subsequent treatment steps. Sand separators allow to reduce the content of suspended materials in domestic storm water by 60 - 65%, in production by 90-95%. Sand separator can be installed independently, when clarified storm water after treatment corresponds to the norms of release into water body, into the sewage system or its use in production processes (circulating water supply system).

The specialists of BELPOLYPLASTIC company have developed constructive proposals of BelECOline oil separator on the basis of “classic methods using modern technologies of coalescence and sorption. These technologies allow to treat oily water effluents with minimal operational expenses. Body construction allows to lower constructions at the depth up to 6 m. Constructions are equipped with technical wells for servicing. At the request of the Customer BelECOline oil separator may be equipped with oil product level units.