BelECOline J grease separator

Grease separator BelECOline is an underground structure intended for the purification of sewage containing high concentrations of fats. The installation of a grease separator significantly reduces the load on public disposal facilities, and also prevents the overgrazing of sewage pipelines by fats, which in turn can lead to a reduction in the cross-section of the pipes and (or) damage to the pipeline by fatty acids.

Жироуловитель по выгодной цене.

BELPOLYPLASTIC specialists have developed BelECOline constructive proposals in vertical and horizontal versions, with capacities from 2 to 40 l / s, which allow efficiently to purify waste water from fats with minimum operating costs. The hull design allows deepening the structures to a depth of up to 6 m. To service the structure, they are equipped with technical wells. At the request of the customer, the BelECOline grease separators are fitted with fat sensors.