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Sewage pumping stations

Sewage pumping station (SPS) is the complex of the equipment intended for removal of sewage when there is no an opportunity to organize withdrawal of drains spontaneously. The basic purpose of SPS consists in a raising of waste water with the pump to higher level where self-flowing dumping or dumping into the concrete receiver is possible. Modern SPS from polyethylene differ in tightness, unpretentiousness in operation, long service life.

Канализационные КНС.

Sewage pumping station are applied in sewage systems, various to destination:

  • economic and household water disposal;
  • rain water disposal;
  • drainage water disposal;
  • industrial water disposal;
  • mixed water disposal.

Станции КНС.

Specialists of STS-BELPOLYPLASTIC company develop, count, make, advise, accomplish erection supervision work and commissioning work of SPS of any complexity with a quality assurance. The order of system from the producer allows you to control key parameters of installation, to complete it with the equipment according to individual requirements. You receive guaranteed qualitative complex at low price without overpayments.

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