Isolation valves

Among the goods sold by BELPOLYPLASTIC Blucast and Jafar  isolation valves are widely represented.

Blucast is a Lithuanian supplier of stop valves from high-strength cast iron for water supply lines. Jafar is one of the leading manufacturers of isolation valves in Poland and all over the world.

You can buy a gate valve in Minsk in our company BELPOLYPLASTIC. We offer several types of Blucast and Jafar isolation valves.

Cast iron gate valves

Knife butterfly gate valves

Butterfly gate with eccentricity

Connecting fittings

Butterfly gate with eccentricity

Затвор фланцевый с эксцентриситетом с приводом Затвор фланцевый с эксцентриситетом

Butterfly gate with eccentricity is the best solution for regulating fluid flow in pipelines. The principle of its operation is that the mechanism inside the cylinder blocks the flow completely when a rotation of 90 °, and when turning with a smaller angle it is able to reduce the force of the flow. The main materials of the valve components are steel or cast iron.

Flange gates can be controlled by pneumatic or electric drives. The gates are double-sided and should be installed in the specified direction.

Resilient seated gate valve 

Задвижки с клином обрезиненным.     Задвижки с клином обрезиненным.

The isolation valve is also represented by gate valves. Gate valves are designed for water supply and wastewater systems in pressure lines with water and other chemically neutral liquids at a maximum temperature of 70 ° C.

Knife butterfly gate valve 

Задвижки ножевная межфланцевая

Knife butterfly gate valve is designed to close the flow of liquid materials in pipelines. Locking mechanism has a special design, allowing you to keep the pressure of the flow from both sides. The design of the gate prevents the possibility of accumulation of deposits and does not allow the wedge to get stuck, so it is used to disposal waste of any consistency.

For polyethylene pipes the following ways are suitable::

  • Flange connection. The bushing and the flange on the side of the polyethylene pipe are connected to the flange of the isolation valve.
  • Socket connection. Flange socket is resistant to tensile loads for polyethylene and PVC pipes.

For all types of metal pipes, the following ways are suitable:

  • Flange connection. Welded or moving flange from the side of the metal pipe is connected to the flange of the stop valve.
  • Coupling connection. The flange socket is connected to the flange of the stop valve.

BELPOLYPLASTIC supplies pipelines with a complete set of stop valves.