Pressure PE pipes

A special place in a wide range of technical products from polymers is occupied by pressure polyethylene pipes for water. They are made of polyethylene and have high physical and operational characteristics.

Напорные полиэтиленовые трубы для водоснабжения. Купить водопроводную полиэтиленовую трубу.


Polyethylene pipes for water supply can be purchased at BELPOLYPLASTIC, a subsidiary of POLYPLASTIC Group, which is in possession of 12 factories. Our own manufacture - Kokhanovsky Pipe Plant - produces PE pipes for various engineering and technological systems (mainly for pressurized water supply systems). The plant has an accredited test laboratory that is aimed at quality control of products.

The pipes are produced in length of 6 m and 12 m or in coils of 100 m (d from 20 till 110 m).