Welding equipment

Welding equipment is used to obtain permanent joints of metals or their alloys, polyethylene pipes created by establishing intermolecular and interatomic bonds between welded elements during their heating and plastic deformation. Its usage is necessary to create inexpensive and reliable pipelines of various lengths and purposes.

Types of welding

Сварочное оборудование.

For the connection of plastic pipes, the following types of welding are most often used:

  • butt welding;
  • electrofusion welding with embedded heaters;
  • splayed welding.





Butt Welding

Butt welding of polyethylene pipes involves thermal reflowing of the ends of pipes with a heated tool, and then connecting them under pressure until it is completely cooled. This type of connection can be used provided:

  • the same thickness of the walls of the welded elements;
  • mobility of one or both elements;
  • sufficient amount of time, since the technological process assumes a long period of cooling of the joints;
  • high qualification of the welder.

Butt welding is most suitable and economical solution for laying large length pipelines that allows to install the pipeline in the field. No fittings are required for each joint, and the strength of the joint obtained exceeds the strength of the pipes themselves.

Electric coupling with embedded heaters

The main advantage of welding with the use of electric coupling is its universalism: it can be used indoors and in the field, with pipes of different diameters and different wall thicknesses. In fittings with embedded heaters a spiral, made of metal wire, is installed. When an electric current passes through it, the joints are heated and the thermal expansion of the material ensures the necessary pressure and sealing of the connections.

Welding extruder Stargun R-SB 40

Manual Welding extruder Stargun R-SB 40 from the Italian manufacturer Ritmo has a small weight and is easy to use. The model works with PP and PE beads, providing point melt application to certain areas under any conditions. The extruder is equipped with a speed regulator, protection against cold start, built-in illumination of the weld zone. The machine provides the choice of handle holder for maximum convenience. The model complies with the D.V.S. 2205 standard and is supplied in a metal box.

You can find more information concerning welding extruder Stargun R-SB 40 here.

Bell-and-spigot welding

Bell-and-spigot welding is a combination of technologies of methods described above: bell-and-spigot welding machine for plastic pipes accomplishes heating both external pipe surface and internal fitting surface simultaneously. Small weight, ease of usage and high efficiency of this machine make affordable the usage of joint of small diameter pipes (up to 160 mm). The more the diameter and expected work volume are, the higher the requirements to the quality are. Thus it is desirable to acquire welding equipment for polyethylene pipes of well-known producers.