Welding extruder Stargun R-SB 40

A powerful and compact hand welding extruder Stargun R-SB 40 from the Italian manufacturer Ritmo is lightweight and easy to use. The model works with PP and PE rods, providing point melt application to certain areas under any conditions. The extruder is equipped with a speed regulator, protection against cold start, built-in illumination of the weld zone. It provides the choice of handle holder for maximum convenience. The model complies with the D.V.S. 2205 standard and is supplied in a metal box.

Distinctive features of the model:

  • Backlit display for easy monitoring and setting of operating parameters.
  • Ability to change the performance of equipment in accordance with current needs.
  • Built-in compressor for effective cooling of the extruder without using an external compressor station.
  • Dual system for monitoring the temperature of the melting chamber and the temperature of the dryer to ensure optimum technological properties of the material.
  • Two LEDs for high-quality extruder welding in darkened areas.
  • Ability to rotate the handle by 250 degrees for ease of use in different conditions.
  • Additional nozzles with a 360 degree turn.