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Exhibition "Water and Heat 2018"

The exhibition has been held for several years, and each time it attracts hundreds of participants and thousands of visitors from various regions. During the event, manufacturers are given the opportunity to demonstrate the latest technologies and materials, suppliers get access to new sales markets, conclude favorable contracts, and consumers can compare the offers of various companies and receive professional answers to thematic issues "at first hand".


21 Jun 2018


Interview of the President of POLYPLASTIC Group, Miron Isakovich Gorilovsky in the program “Business as a matter of fact” at World Business Channel.

13 Jun 2019

POLYPLASTIC Group bears responsibility before the country and the generation to come using the development and solutions for providing cities with operation uninterrupted cycle.

13 Jun 2019

Given the 20-year anniversary of POLYPLASTIC Group a new film came out: all the history of the Group, starting from August 19, 1991 till present time

13 Jun 2019

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BELPOLYPLASTIC: Belarus trusts us

BELPOLYPLASTIC is the largest supplier of polymer pipes for water and gas distribution systems, sewage and drainage systems in Belarus. Our company is a subsidiary of POLYPLASTIC Group, one of the leading Russian producers of modern pipeline systems for external water and sewage networks.

Because of our own manufacture – Beltrubplast Kokhanovsky Pipe Plant LLC –we can introduce an effective quality management system that meets world standard. It is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity ISO 9001: 2009.

Having a full package of authorization documentation in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus our production has repeatedly won prizes during the republican contests "Best Building Product of the Year" and was awarded numerous diplomas.

Therefore our priorities are:

  • Quality assurance of the offered products;
  • Complex supply of products (pipelines with all accessories);
  • Immediate discharge of duties.
  • Attractive prices and flexible credit policy;
  • Available advice on all technical issues;
  • High professionalism of the staff;
  • Complex follow-up support of the sales order (personal manager);

In addition to the supply of pipelines, our company offers the following services:

  • Selection of the necessary equipment set for welding.
  • Products delivery to the customer's site.
  • Renting of erecting equipment.
  • Erection supervision works.

We are ready to become reliable partners for construction and operating companies, housing and community amenities, design institutes, agencies and private enterprises that carry out the design, furnishing and installation of supplies and materials at various sites.

According to your specifications we quickly and skillfully select good pipeline, fittings and complements that you need, and also help with the selection of suitable equipment for installation work.

We are always glad to have new partners!

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5A, Zagorsky township, Mogilev city

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